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WGN America: Person of Interest / Elementary: “Awkward”

Television marketing departments are beasts, and they demand constant feeding. Great creative. In copious amounts. All the time.


And when it comes to feeding the monster, original shoots are manna.


Network brass love to demonstrate their enthusiasm for important shows by floating the idea of an original shoot. We’ve developed hundreds of them. The number of shoots carried through to completion is small by comparison.


So when a little (strike one) cable network suggests doing an original shoot involving not one but two (strike two) hit shows that are still in production on a major broadcast network (strike three), the chances of it actually happening are slim to none… which makes this success story all the more impressive.


After reading the exploration, our client was committed to making this shoot happen. As was the network, both shows’ producers, and all the talent involved.


This spot won a Promax Award, and not only drew big audiences for the premieres on WGN America, it was viewed close to 100,000 times on YouTube. Not bad for a network whose promos typically generate a few thousand views.

(Produced in-house by WGN America.)

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