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My Cousin Emilia: An Identity for a Dream

Entertainment marketing is a grueling gig. Long hours, abrupt changes, thankless clients (not you, you’re the best). Everyone should have an escape plan… and this was hers.

A client came to us with three things: a heads-up on her resignation, a one-way ticket to Italy, and a dream. Deciding it was time to cash out and take off, she sold her home and flew to Italy to open a vacation concierge business: offering high-end travelers customized, curated destination events across Italy’s culinary center. We created an identity and a voice for her startup dream.

Connections are everything in Italy. Dinners, hotels, tours, tickets, products, events, access… everything gets done faster and cheaper and better depending on who you know. So we conceived a brand born in this “la mia familia” dynamic, and planted a flag on her home base, the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy… known as Italy’s bread basket and the center of its cuisine culture. Our identity immediately conveyed the region, its reputation for Italy’s best home-cooked cuisine, and an immediate sense of family, friendship and familiarity. Meet My Cousin Emelia.

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