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Guesthouse Hollywood: Identity

The shared economy has changed the world…especially the parts of it that people call home.


Online platforms like AirB&B have enticed millions of people to pull their houses and apartments off the rental market and cater to hotel-like stays. The competition is fierce. So how does any listing make a mark? Just like in any business, the answer lies in marketing.


Industrial Creative developed a comprehensive branding campaign to transform a group of properties into a distinct and desirable brand… starting with the concept.

Offer higher-end amenities, and treat renters as honored guests. Showcase each property’s privacy and separation, that each “lives” like a home. And position the portfolio as residences in West Hollywood, the Hollywood hills, and Hollywood proper. Guest. House. Hollywood.


Then we drilled down. We created a name, logo and identity for each property; photographed each building, landscape and unit; created a website with a payment portal; and migrated the company to a new online platform, to shift away from short-term visitors and focus on longer-term stays… where a “guesthouse” would be ideal.


Added bonus: the brand is franchisable. Add vintage movie posters and oversized Hollywood portrait photography, and GuestHouseHollywood is authentic just about anywhere.

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